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    Insulstrip Chemical Wire Insulation                                
Insulstrip 220 - Water rinsable stripper - Dissolves insulation - recommended for Litz wire and multi stranded wire.
Insulstrip Jell/Liquid - Solvent based, room temperature magnet wire insulation stripper.

Ambex Metal Finishing Chemical

Acid Inhibitors

Ambex E2021 - Prevents pitting and flash rusting when used in conjunction           with hydrochloric (muriatic) acid on steel.

Alkaline Descalers

Ambex 1-PR - Removes scales and rust from ferrous metals by soak,                   electro- or tumble cleaning.
Ambex 13 special - Special, highly alkaline powder that quickly strips heat           trat burn from steel work. Also removes rust and phosphate coatings.             Work acquires rust resistance.
Ambex 111-S - Highly alkaline barrel and vibratory finishing                                   compound formulated to remove oil, light rust or scale and produce a             moderate polish in one step.
Ambex 232 - High alkaline powder for use on ferrous work in tumbling                   barrels.

Aluminum Cleaners

Ambex 217 - Moderate foaming. Good on oily soils and buffing compounds.           Used at an extremely effective, liquid cleaner for buffering compound             removal that causes absolutely no clouding, leaving aluminum surfaces         mirror bright.
Ambex 222L - A general, non-alkaline liquid. Moderate foaming. Good on oily         soils and buffing compounds. Used at low concentrations, remarkable           long lived.
Ambex 230 - Powder leaved aluminum surfaces bright and active, ready for           plating, chromating or anodizing.
Ambex 286 - Mildly alkaline, non-etch, emulsifying cleaner for aluminum and         zinc parts. Good for oil and buffing compound removal.

Alkaline Cleaners (Liquid or powder)

Ambex 20B - Heavy duty alkaline powdered soak cleaner for removal of oily           soils which accompany drawing, stamping, threading and similar                   operations. Outstanding detergent properties.
Ambex 62A - Developed to prevent oil build-up on plating cylinders thus                 preventing the problem of emulsified oils from carrying over into                     subsequent solutions on the barrel. For use with steel and copper.                 Excellent results when used as an electrocleaner.
Ambex 62C - Similar to 62A (above) with the added advantage of removing           light rust and scale from ferrous work.
Ambex 63R - Highly effective soak and tumble cleaner for steel and brass.
Ambex 215 - Strong alkaline powder, economical cleaner for general purpose         use.
Ambex 231L - Liquid with a high concentration of builders and synergistic             surfactancts designed to minimize re deposition of oily soils and to               rinse cleanly.
Ambex 233 - High alkaline soak cleaning powder for steel, copper and brass.         Designed to minimize re deposition of oily soils and to rinse cleanly.
Ambex 245 - Premium powdered soak cleaner for steel and copper work.               Non-silicated.
Ambex FNC-1077 - Aqueous alkaline cleaning compound for dissolving                 carbon, oils, and coking from gas turbine engine fuel nozzle                           assemblies.
Ambex WOF - Inexpensive, general purpose, moderately high alkaline, soak         cleaner for ferrous and cuprous alloys. No phosphates or chelators.
Ambex WP2 - Highly effective, moderately alkaline economical tumble                 cleaner for ferrous and cuprous alloys.

Burnishing Compounds

Aluminum Etchants & Deoxidizers

Ambex 315DX - Acid deoxidizer and desmutter for wrought and extruded               aluminum alloys.
Ambex 662 - Deoxidizer aluminum alloys prior to anodizing, bright dipping,             plating, painting, phosphating or wielding with minimal waste disposal             problems.
Ambex 821 - Grain refiner used with caustic etchant (Ambex E-1000).                   Provides an even matte finish without staining.
Ambex ADS-2023 - Acidic, liquid pickling compound that rapidly removes             oxides, tarnish, stains, smut, scale and other acid soluble soils from             aluminum and its alloys. Solutions are non-fuming and easy to                       maintain.
Ambex E-1000 - Granular alkaline etchant for aluminum with minimum                   foaming. Sequestering action prevents sludging and sealing of heating           coils and tank walls.

Buffing Compound Removers

BC-23 - Powder for burnishing copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and           zinc. Yields a dense foam, which prevents scratching. Outstanding on           stainless steel and steel.
BC-172P - General purpose concentrated powder- excellent on all metals.               Easily handled in waste treatment.
BC-176 - Powder that leaves work with an anti-tarnish lubricating film that               readily sheds water and facilitates subsequent assembly operations.
BC-165 - Mildly acidic powder that removes tarnish as it burnishes. Imparts a         beautiful bright golden finish to brass.
BC-168 - Economical, general purpose burnishing compound.
BC-174 - Outstanding burnishing. Leaves a slight protective, lubricating film.
BC-174W - Same as BC-174 but without film so parts may be subsequently           lacquered.
Ambex 16 - A "Workhouse" liquid that produces a high, bright, mirror like               luster on aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, and zinc base. It is               easily metered into automated mass finishing setups. Provides                     excellent rust protection to steel work. Will not produce after corrosion           on zinc base parts and will prevent the tarnishing of brass during long             time burnishing operations. Provides mild rust prevention to steel parts.

Deburring Compounds

Ambex Soak 6 - Neutral powdered cleaner for aluminum, zinc diecast and             other metals. Often used ultrasonicly.
Ambex 212 - Premium liquid concentration for soak and ultrasonics cleaning.        Intended for removal of buffing compounds and drawing oils. Will not              cause dullness or tarnish on aluminum, brass, copper or zinc.
Ambex 217 - Neutral liquid - excellent capacity.
Ambex 229L - Slightly alkaline, long lived, very effective.
Ambex 242 - Extremely rapid, non-etching powder. For aluminum, copper,             brass, and steel.


Ambex 0620 - Cleaner and electroactivator with periodic reverse current.               Removes oxides, scale, carbon smut. Ensures excellent adhesion of             subsequent plated deposits on alloy steels, iron based alloys, nickel             and cobalt alloys and titanium.
Ambex 209 - For fast removal of scale, smuts and phosphate coatings. For           use on copper and steel. Not suggested for oily soils.
Ambex 234 - A more complex version of Ambex 209. May give better                   results.
Ambex 237 - Removes oily soils as well as oxides and smut in one                       operation.
Ambex 901 - Moderately alkaline powder for electrocleaning brass alloys,               copper and zinc diecast.
Ambex AF - Heavy duty anodic alkaline electric-cleaner for steel, copper and         copper plated steel. For removal of stamping oils, water soluble                     fabrication compounds, polishing and grinding compounds and cutting a         drawing lubricants.

Metal Strippers (For Plated Work)

Metalx Nickel strippers - For fast removal of nickel from steel, copper, brass, zinc, diecast, silver, gold, tin, aluminum, lead, and lead alloys.
Metalx Copper strippers - One component, long life, powder.
Ambex 96RS - Activates nitric acid for stripping nickel from stainless steel racks
Ambex 3049 - Powder for stripping copper and brass from nickel.

Phosphatizing Cleaners

Ambiphos 21 - Liquid compound that cleans and produces an iridescent iron phosphate coating on steel and cast iron in a single operation.
Ambiphos 100 - details coming.

Rust Preventatives

Ambex 2-RP - Powder used in final rinse.
Ambex 83-RP - Gives mild rust protection on work while in manufacture.               suggest for use in the final rinse after cleaning and before drying. Will             not leave any noticeable residue, but will give several weeks of dry               storage or handling.
Ambex RI-105 - Provides a thin, dry film on ferrous alloy parts to protect               them from rusting or oxidation during temporary storage or handling.
Ambex RP-5 - Nitrite free. Gives mild rust protection on work while in                     manufacture. Suggested for use in the final rinse after cleaning and               before drying.

Tarnish, Scale, and Rust Removers (Pickling Compounds)

Ambex AS-1 - Dry acid powder for replacement of liquid acids in plating                 rooms. Gives better adhesion, higher uniformity and depth of color.               Speeds metal plating by cleaning and activating surfaces. Conveniently         and safely handled. No acid fumes.
Ambex AS-98 - Dry acid powder attacks rust and scale on ferrous work while         retarding attack on base metal. Excellent smut remover. May be used           with direct current. May be used in barrel, rack or basket plating                     operations.
Ambex PC-37 -  Acidic liquid designed to remove stains, rust, smut and light         scale and rust and to brighten ferrous work. It contains an additive to             prevent rust after cleaning.
Ambex 40D - Mildly acidic tumbling compound for brightening brass and               copper work to a golden yellow suitable for immediate plating or                     lacquering.
Ambex PC-40 - Non-fuming, acidic bright dip for copper and brass that                   leaves work brilliantly bright. Solutions are stable and easy to maintain.
Ambex SR-201 - Liquid polishing compound  for brightening steel and                   stainless steel. Aids in removal of temper scale and rust. Good for                 tarnish removal and brightening of non-ferrous parts and castings.
DBC-96 - Mildly aggressive- used on soft metals. Leaves a polished finish.
DBC-98 - Moderately aggressive- used on soft metals and short runs on hard         metals. Leaves a matte finish.
DBC-99 - Very aggressive, long life. Good for hard metals and long runs.               Matte finish.
DBC-71 - Extremely aggressive and long lived. Like DBC-99, only more so.

Lacquer Thinners

Ambisolve 158 - Lacquer diluent used to produce thin coatings. Evaporates rapidly.
Lacquer Thinners No. 7
Lacquer Thinners No. 19
Military Specification MIL-T-81772B(AS) - Aircraft coating thinners, types |, || & ||| for urethanes, epoxies and acrylics.

Metal Coating & Coloring

Ambex AL-CR - Powdered chromate compound that produces a conversion           coating on aluminum. It increases corrosion resistance and forms an             excellent base for paint and other organic coatings.
Ambex CU-65 - Produces a jet black cupric oxide coating on copper alloys.

Paint and Lacquer Strippers

Coldstrip 300 - Neutral, methylene chloride based stripper that strips most organic coatings. Contains no phenol or organic acids. Does not harm aluminum.
Coldstrip 306 - Highly effective methylene chloride based stripper that has excellent rinsing properties. Contains no phenol or cresylic acids.
Coldstrip 65P - Excellent rinsing properties and extremely potent stripping ability. May corrode metallic sub straits.
Coldstrip 900 - A balanced formulation that is only slightly corrosive to metals while affording excellent stripping of most organic coatings.

Spray Cleaners - Low Foam

AC-200LF - Moderately high alkaline liquid that may be used on almost all             metals. Mildly aggressive toward aluminum. Extremely low foaming.             May be used under very high agitation.
Ambex 207 - Low foam, high alkaline, powdered spray cleaner that removes           oxides and rust as well as oil.
Ambex 223LF - Neutral, highly concentrated, liquid for all metals that leaves         work "squeaky clean".
Ambex 224LF - High alkaline, liquid spray cleaner for ferrous alloys and                 copper.
Ambex 228LF - General purpose, highly concentrated, liquid alkaline cleaner.
Ambex 241 - Alkaline liquid for ferrous and cuprous alloys. Floats oily soils           so they may be skimmed. Rust inhibiting and extremely low foaming.
Ambex 252 - Totally non-emulsifying, oil separating, non-foaming powdered           spray cleaner.
Ambex 1709P - For removing machining oils from ferrous work. Oil                       displacing, non-emulsifying, rust inhibiting, highly concentrated.
Ambex 3242 - Low foam, moderately alkaline, general purpose cleaner.
Tarnish Inhibitors
Ambex 1743 - Very effective tarnish inhibitor for copper, brass, cadmium,             silver, chromium, steel, nickel and zinc. May be used in final rinse or on         packaging. May be mixed with lacquer.


Furniture Restoration Products

Paint and Lacquer Strippers
Coldstrip and Strip Jell paint and lacquer strippers - A wide selection of           strippers for the professional furniture re finisher.
Coldstrip 280 - Basic methylene chloride based tank stripper.
Coldstrip 280P - Basic methylene chloride based tank stripper with                       evaporation retardant. May be used in "flow-over" stripping as well.
Coldstrip 281 - Tank stripper with activator and evaporation retardant.
Coldstrip 3108 -  Tank "flow-over" stripper that is water rinsable and remains         moist for extended periods.
Strip Jell 279 - Gelled to cling to vertical surfaces.
Transportation Cleaners
Truck Wash 3258 - One and two step car and truck wash. This system really         removes road film. Highly concentrated to allow 40:1 dilution ratio, thus         providing maximum economy.
Aluminum Truck Wash - A liquid spray wash for aluminum trailers that                 imparts a bright clean finish to aluminum truck trailers.
Concrete truck wash - Removes concrete spatter with virtually no attack on         paint or metal.
Maintenance Chemicals
Power Cleaners
Janitorial Cleaners
Blue Butyl - Moderately high alkaline butyl formula for enhanced cleaning.             Available in jugs, pails and drums.
Blue Butyl Plus - Highly alkaline version. Use with caution on painted                   surfaces.
GPC-282 - Heavy duty liquid cleaner. Particularly suited for oily soils.
NC-1 - Light neutral cleaner for regular janitorial maintenance.
NC-1744 - Heavy duty neutral cleaner that meets government specification.
WS-89 - Non-ammoniated heavy duty was strip.
Hood and Oven Cleaners and Cleaner Kits
Gammatch - Cleaner for restaurant ovens and hoods.
Kling-On - Thickened formulation that clings to hoods while dissolving oily residue.